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Micro-Edge Pigments

The recent innovation in techniques have created a demand for innovation in pigment formulation.  Micro-Edge is that innovation. It is specifically formulated for the Microblading technique and tool to maximize color results. Your results will speak for themselves.

1. As with all Li Pigments Micro-Edge passes all stringent testing and complies with EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1

2. With the consistency of nectar, the pigment clings to each needle ensuring more color implanted and proper placement.

3. This is a highly concentrated dispersion formula for more color retention and virtually eliminates separation.

4. A simple, concise selection of colors utilizes micronized pigments for a noticeable easier application result.

5. This unique formulation maintains its consistency during body fluid contact which minimizes dilution during the procedure.

6. Excellent for both oily and dry skin types

7. Micro-Edge is pre-neutralized with warmth to help compensate for the coolness the microblading technique can produce.  (Warmth may need to be added for skin types that deem cool enough)