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Eyeliner Starter Kit 15ml (Aqua)

Eyeliner Starter Kit 15ml (Aqua)


This is the perfect starter kit for your eyeliner procedures and each color in this kit was carefully selected. This kit has all the Aqua colors you need to create beautiful eyes for your clients,  and have some creative, artistic fun. This kit contains 5 colors..

Onyx, our blackest black. 

Black Magic, a softer black. 

Charcoal, perfect for blonde, white, or gray haired clients - Also stunning for blue or green eyed clients that do not want a black eyeliner. 

Ebony Brown, beautiful rich chocolate brown. 

Caribbean Mod. A must for all artists tattooing eyeliners. This modifier will correct any blue, green, or blue/gray eyeliner back to brown. Also add Caribbean Mod to any of your blacks if you feel your client may pull blue.

These starter kits are well-thought out kits that contain all the colors you need to get started.  They are not only Teryn's core colors they are all our top sellers worldwide.  If you are new to Li Pigments and do not know where to start, start with one our our starter kits.

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