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The Inkslinger Raspberry

The Inkslinger Raspberry


The Inkslinger in Raspberry. This is a limited edition color. The Inkslinger is a superior, top of line, precision rotary tattoo machine made with all top quality machine parts. Built with a high performance German motor. It is extremely lightweight at 2.6 ounces. The Girlz Inkslinger is a custom designed machine with a 2.5 stroke setting which makes it the perfect machine for ALL your cosmetic tattoo procedures. It runs perfect, smooth and flawless. It uses all traditional tattoo needles so it is very inexpensive to set up. The Girlz Inkslinger is comfortable in your hand. Noise level: Medium Vibration: Low This is an an easy machine to learn and use. Do to its design it is extremely easy to keep clean and prevent any cross contamination. This is an all around, high performance, rotary tattoo machine. Each machine is hand made with pride and pink powder coated.

Once you have ordered your machine, I will personally tattoo all my procedures for three two days using your new machine to break it in. Due to my dedication to ensure your new machine is running properly, there is a delay in shipping.

Uses size #12 rubber bands (sample pack included)

You must purchase your Power Supply, RCA Power Cord and Foot Pedal sold separately. If you choose a power box of low quality or one that does not clearly state in its description that it is designed to run a rotary machine your warranty will be NULL AND VOID. We are proud to offer and recommend The Rage Power Box or The Critical Power Box, The Gen 2 Premium Foot Switch by TATsoul, and a RCA Power Cord by TATsoul right here on our store.

This machine is made right here in the USA by a small independent machine maker. The dedication and attention to detail to this machine by it's maker is unsurpassed. I am happy to support a small American business.

Manufacturer Guarantee. NO REFUNDS ON THIS ITEM. YOU BUY IT YOU OWN IT. The first year of purchase date, if anything goes wrong with your machine, return it and it will be repaired free of charge AS LONG AS IT WAS DEEMED A FAULTY MALFUNCTION. After one year if your machine needs repaired or parts replaced, you pay shipping and a $50 service fee (excludes motor). Guarantee is Null and Void if you drop the machine, negligence on the part of the owner or use a improper power box.

Accessories needed for the Inkslinger: Power Box, Foot Pedal, RCA Power Cord, Rubber Bands, Nipples, Needles, Disposable Grips/Tubes, Machine Bags and Cord Sleeve Covers.


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